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1.5T Full AC Electric Forklift
  ItemMarksUnit l.jpg
1.2Specification  CPD15K
1.3Power-type  Electric 
1.4Drive-type  Seated
1.5Rated capacityQkg1500
1.6Load centercmm500
1.8Front overhangxmm375
1.9Axle baseymm1350
Weight2.1Total weight (include battery) kg3050
2.2Front axle load, loaded kg4125
2.2.1Rear axle load, loaded kg465
2.3Front axle load, unloaded kg1540
2.3.1Rear axle load, unloaded kg1488
Tires3.1Tire-type  Solid tyre
3.2Tire model, front  600-9
3.3Tire model, rear  16x6-8
3.5Wheel No., front/rear  2/2
3.6Tread, frontb10mm890
3.7Trade, rearb11mm940
Dimensions4.1Mast tilt angle, forward/backwarda/bmm6/12
4.2Mast height, closed, duplex masth1mm2065
4.3Standard free liftingh2mm56
4.4Standard lifting heighth3mm3000
4.5Mast height, extendedh4mm3955
4.7Overhead guard heighth6mm2084
4.19Length with standard forksl1mm2931
4.20Length to the surface of forksl2mm2011
4.21Width, outside wheelsblmm1120
4.23Fork CARR class ,ISO 2328, Type A/B/no  Class2,Type A
4.24Fork CARR widthb3mm970
4.31Under-clearance (under mast)mlmm115
4.32Under-clearance (center of wheel base)m2mm115
4.33Right angle stacking aisle width (1000x1200mm pallet)Astmm3385
4.34Right angle stacking aisle width(1200x800mm pallet)Astmm3585
4.35Turning radiusWamm2000
Performance5.1Driving speed,Loaded/unloaded km/h13/15
5.2Lifting speed,Loaded/unloaded mm/s340/560
5.3Lowering speed,Loaded/unloaded mm/s450/380
5.6Max. traction forcem,Loaded, 3min, rated N7554
5.8Max. gradeability,Loaded, 3min, rated/1.5/hour %14
5.1Service brake  foot-rest/hydraulic
5.10.1Parking brake  manual/mechanical 
5.10.2Turning type  Hydraulic turning
Drive system6.1Drive motor (AC)   60min, rating kw8
6.2Lifting motor (AC)  5min, rating kw9.5
6.4Battery voltage V48
6.4.1Rated battery capacity  Ah/5hr385
6.4.2Optional battery capacity Ah/5hr420/450
6.4.4Drive motor control  MOSFET/AC
Others8.1Hydraulic system working pressure bar176
8.2Oil tank capacity L23

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