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Quality Control

        Hiletcro forklift in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system management, all parts and products have been tested by the strict quality control to ensure the best user experience.

        Hilectro product has its only "identity card", each product from the parts to the vehicle production process, responsible personnel, parts brand, batch, can be traced back. This ensures the accuracy and timeliness of the late service.

        Each edge of tooling table is marked with a scale to ensure the accuracy of the size of the parts in the production process.

        The production process of the harness is fine and tight, and the finished product would be tested by the tensile test and the simulation assembly line, so as to provide a strong guarantee for the stability of the vehicle circuit system.

        The production of various parts are using the most advanced equipment, in strict accordance with the requirements of technical drawings processing,  minimum the error to ensure that the production of parts in the assembly process can be closely fit. In this high standard control of the body parts without spraying, its smooth and meticulous even comparable with the painting product .

        The company's unique ERP wheel load-bearing balance test system, can accurately measure the actual carrying capacity of each wheel, and be adjusted to the auto's standard. This is to ensure the stability of the product bearing and the parts  coordination and balance, So greatly improved the performance of the vehicle and extend the life of the various parts.


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