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Lithium has been to! Exploration way of new energy forklift

Forklift power needs: strong power, continuous steady state. At present, diesel forklifts, electric forklifts and manual forklifts are common, and the fuel supply of diesel forklifts is divided into gasoline, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas. Most electric forklifts are lead-acid batteries and maintenance free lead-acid batteries.
With the development of new energy technology, the development trend of low-carbon economy, the exploration of new energy resources of forklifts has been launched around the world.
New energy tests should begin with forklifts for industrial vehicles:
1: stable operation status, forklift work intensity, operating environment, the work space is relatively fixed, is conducive to the testing and application of new energy.
2: to facilitate the addition of new energy. Hydrogen energy needs hydrogen refueling stations. Batteries need to be charged and used on forklifts. The mileage limit in the automotive industry can be avoided.
3: forklift consumption is large, you can start from the beginning of commercial operations forklift, to mature technology, to large mobility, management more difficult commercial vehicle field
4: the promotion of new energy forklift is geared to enterprises, so it is easier to control from policies, subsidies and other links..
There are several major ways to develop new energy technologies:
1: fast charging battery and charger.
The problem of fast charging temperature of traditional lead-acid battery has been plagued by the implementation of fast charging, fast charging current foreign advanced American posicharge company, effectively solve the problem of heat dissipation in fast charging, the charger manufacturing plant widely used in the United States airport and NISSAN and Ford motor forklift charge, senior vice president of posicharge and I in 2015 the company had exchanges, they are currently trying to similar gas tank refueling refueling gun: reduce the increase the caliber of the way, the battery plate spacing enlarged, reduced the total capacity, increase the charging speed to realize the fast charge charge more, enhance the use time of the battery.
Including domestic fan charger, Hefei Dong Yao, Guangzhou zhuiri electrical resonant technology, such enterprises are to upgrade the original charger charging technology, I hope to have a share in the field of lithium.
2: hydrogen energy:
Hydrogen energy is one of the new energy sources pushed by the United States and europe. Canada Ballard, Barllard, and Plug Power, Nuvera Fuel Cell (Yale Hester Forklift Group subsidiary) three companies are leading the global forklift battery current hydrogen energy. The first hydrogen fuel cell China the forklift is 2007 Shanghai Power Technology Co., Ltd. and the United States a hydrogen energy technology company joint development, I am a lucky coincidence, also participated in the part of the testing process. In 2016, the high-speed railway station in Nanjing, and the United States Plug company Power International President talked for two hours, hydrogen energy forklift is currently using Plug Power in the United States and Europe have more than 20 thousand vehicles, and in early 2017, the Amazon Plug Power capital company, will greatly promote the development of hydrogen energy battery.
3: lithium battery (three yuan / iron phosphate lithium)
In the application of lithium battery forklift and industrial vehicles have already started, the research and development of lithium battery charger into Europe Delong, 2012 at a dinner party, Delong founder from Europe once and I talked about: Delong has spent hundreds of millions of euros in the transformation of BMS development of lithium battery and lithium battery used in forklift truck technology in Europe, currently in Europe roughly 3-4 mainstream technology transfer company for lithium battery technology and Still services including JUNGHEINRICH, Linde companies such as lithium batteries.
The core technology of lithium in the United States, Japan, Canada and South korea. Lithium battery manufacturing big country in china. The application of lithium battery in China forklift I come into contact with the 2012 ATL new energy (now CATL Ningde new energy) the company's recent limelight almost equal to BYD. ATL was planning to get involved in lithium-ion batteries for industrial vehicles and forklifts, and I took part in the whole process of the forklift. After a year of testing and testing, a great deal of experimental data have been obtained. However, since the link between BMS and forklift is not well resolved, the overshoot and over discharge eventually cause the damage of the lithium battery monomer seriously, and finally the test is suspended. 2013-2014, test and application of global lithium battery enterprises in the mainland of Taiwan Lite group lithium battery application a year long on forklift. Coincidentally, I was a participant throughout the process. Lite into the field of lithium is due to Linde forklift forklift leasing agent in Holland in part of the purchase of 20 sets of Lite lithium battery application in forklift truck leasing, so the group decided to lithium in forklift truck test, accumulated experience for lithium batteries for electric cars and cruise. This test have achieved certain results, in 2014 for lithium forklift technology has been recognized by experts, approved by the Committee of experts expert team China Industrial Association in vehicle. At that time, the 15 sets of lithium batteries provided by the Hangzhou Kangshifu green factory achieved very good results. In June 2017, the 15 sets of lithium batteries worked well, working 20 hours a day, working continuously for nearly 2 and a half years

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